Trying to Drink Less Water and Caring more about my plastic wastage

 First of all hey!! Welcome to my first blog post!! The reason why I opened this blog was that our English teacher challenged us to do an action by ourselves or with our family that will help with global warming, pollution, excessive usage of material, or climate change. And personally, I don't think individual actions will change the state our world is in since 70% of global warming is caused by 100 companies in the world and if they don't change their ways our acts have no use, but then it came to my mind how much water these companies use and then ıi realized, I ALSO USE A LOT OF WATER! From what I have seen so far from the time that I have been on the internet I can tell that people usually have a huge problem with staying hydrated, well it, unfortunately, is somehow the opposite for me. I almost always drink around 3.5 liters to 4 liters of water and god does it take a toll on my family since I use a lot of plastic bottles in doing this so. I d-then made a little research on how a Turkish person produces about 440 plastic bags worth of plastic waste, meaning I definitely produced more waste than that. So for these few days, my main goal will be to drink less water from pre-packed plastic bottles, which will then create less waste and it will also be cheaper for my family. 

I personally drink 2 bottles of water in the morning meaning 2 plastic bottles until lunch which I then, later on, buy 1 more bottle until I go home. At home, I finish two 1 liter bottles worth of water but I do reuse my 1-liter bottle so I will be excluding this from my calculations on how much I produce waste. Considering ı do this every day, I use up to four 500 mL bottles every day. That equates to 28 bottles every week, 112 bottles every month, and 1344 bottles every year. If you haven't noticed yet THAT'S A LOT. I'm like a walking- factory that produces plastic waste 👺 Sooo starting from today, 2 January 2022 I pledge to use glass bottles instead!! And I hope you guys will enjoy my journey as much as I will suffer from it 😞

Anywho, I'm out, see you tomorrow guys <3 <3 <3 


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